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Our attorneys have assisted landlords in resolving tenant disputes, lease modifications and terminations, negotiations with tenants and rent board litigation for over 20 years. We are very familiar with the various city ordinances governing rental units in Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland. We can advise and guide rental property owners on allowable rent increases, deposit claims and owner-occupancy efforts.

We have defended property owners against claims of mold, mildew, lead, cockroaches, bedbugs, dry rot, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, lockout, conversion, theft and many other charges ranging from negligence to criminal assault. We have also assisted commercial tenants with problems with their landlords and/or their commercial units. Because of our broad background and years of experience, our attorneys can provide an overview of the legal issues which are involved when a rental real estate problem arises.

On the transactional, non-litigation end, we are also skilled at drafting and reviewing new rental agreements and have the legal expertise needed for the creation of lease-to-own contracts, option agreements and other special landlord-tenant agreements. Our clients have retained us to create management contracts and other operational documents which ensure compliance with federal and state housing laws.

Office: 510-548-7474
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